Welcome To Batchelor Investigations

Providing innovative, flexible, practical and cost-efficient support services to solicitors and insurers based on over 30 years experience and extensive continuing professional development, Batchelor Investigations offers a unique service to the insurance claims industry. 
Our core business specialises in statement taking on multi-track and high end fast-track claims including motorbike accidents, claimants suffering from chronic pain and MIB claims. We also specialise in cases where fraud/low velocity is alleged.
Batchelor Investigations also offers evening and out of hours services designed to help establish contact with clients who are not responsive to attempts to contact them within normal office hours. We can also offer assistance on an in-house basis where necessary to help clients overcome short-term spikes in work.
We also provide a range of services in motor, public liability and employers liability claims on a genuine nationwide basis (England and Wales) through a network of field representatives operating a round the clock service, 7 days a week.

Our core services are:-

  • accurate and objective witness statements
  • locus reports
  • site reports
  • searching and tracing
  • consultancy/training/auditing

Why instruct Batchelor Investigations?
  • significant savings in terms of travel, telephone and postage costs
  • enables you to concentrate on the core of your business thus increasing your efficiency and productivity
  • saves you a lot in terms of effort, time, infrastructure and employee costs
  • gives you access to experienced people who specialise in the relevant area of claims investigation
  • enables faster deliveries of high quality services thus improving customer satisfaction
  • gives your business a competitive edge enjoying efficiency, economies of scale and expertise 


Batchelor Investigations is a trading name of Ossett Claims Services LLP. Ossett Claims Services LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales with number OC355031. The limited liability partnership's registered office is 8 George Street, Ossett, WF5 9PB.